Joe Budden Blasts Kanye West: "Justifying Bigotry On Your People"

Joe Budden Blasts Kanye West: "Justifying Bigotry On Your People"


There is a method to Kanye West’s madness, we think. The superstar has been criticized for his “erratic” behaviour over the last year, popping up at TMZ Live and ranting about how slavery “sounds like a choice.” He’s also been pretty vocal about his support for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, which has divided his fanbase. While most of the people in attendance at his special Sunday Service performance at Coachella were ecstatic, some were a little peeved about the merchandise he offered onsite and online after the appearance.

Among the offering of Yeezy goods were a poncho, Sunday Service-branded crewnecks and sweatpants, and $50 “Church Socks.” The socks were sold as a pack of two and have been the most eyebrow-raising product from the offering. Among those that were not entirely satisfied with Kanye after the performance was Joe Budden. The hip-hop critic took to Twitter to send some subliminal shots, which were obviously directed at the Chicago-bred artist.

“From justifying bigotry on your ppl to Church merch and Coachella choirs… God bless us all,” wrote Budden on his page. He echoes a sentiment that many felt after they learned of the pricepoints, voicing confusion as to why Kanye would charge $50 for a couple of pairs of socks. The rapper once said that his clothing would be affordable for all. Some are arguing that this is simply festival pricing with everything being inflated by a substantial margin but others are unwilling to consider that as a reality. What do you think?