"Jersey Shore" Star Charged With Kidnapping In Domestic Violence Incident

"Jersey Shore" Star Charged With Kidnapping In Domestic Violence Incident


The cast and crew of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation have documented the months leading up to the release of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Back in January 2019, Sorrentino was sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion, and when he was released last month, the Jersey Shore crew thought they had everyone back together to continue capitalizing off of their MTV brand.

However, things have been rocky for 33-year-old Ronnie Ortiz-Magro whose relationship with his girlfriend and baby mama, Jen Harley, has been tumultuous. Their breakups and makeups have played out in the media, but early Friday morning, things took a turn for the worse. News circulated that Ronnie was arrested in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles at an Airbnb that he and Jen were renting. According to the dispatch audio and a report by TMZ, Ronnie was high on cocaine which caused his temper to rage out of control. 

After Ronnie reportedly slapped and punched Jen, she ran to a neighboring house for help. TMZ states that Ronnie chased her while holding their daughter and a knife as he yelling at Jen to get back into the home. When police arrived at the scene, Ronnie had locked everyone in the house and refused to open the door for police. Officers reportedly broke down the door, tased the Jersey Shore star, and took him into custody on charges of kidnapping and domestic violence.

He’s since been released and Jen was spotted picking him up from jail with their 18-month-old daughter. Twenty-four hours before the incident, Ronnie spoke with the media about his love for Jen. “They ask why do we stay with each other? And it’s because we know what we have is real,” he said. “And at the end of the day, people don’t see what we have, they see what MTV wants you guys to see.”