Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, & Drake Are Rich As Hell: Forbes Unveils Hip-Hop List

Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, & Drake Are Rich As Hell: Forbes Unveils Hip-Hop List


Is it any surprise that some our favorite hip-hop artists are making serious bank? Hip-hop is one the most consumed genres music out there and, thus, everything surrounding it and its faces gets to strive. Forbes regularly calculates which artists are making the most money and while the list isn’t the most eye-popping thing in the world, there are some newcomers that are making significantly more bread than you would expect. 

Typically, Jay-Z and Diddy are kings the financial situation in hip-hop and this year is no different as Forbes just published their countdown the richest stars in the world with both artists ranking in the top 2. Diddy is regularly the first name to show up but his $64 million was not enough to overtake Hov who made an insane $76.5 million. Consistently selling out arenas around the world, Kendrick sits comfortably at the final spot in the top 3, banking $58 million, which is the most he’s made in his career. Of course, Drake follows with his $47 million.

While all them make absolute sense ranking so highly for Forbes, some the inclusions lower down are the most surprising. Nas actually made his debut on the Forbes chart along with Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Logic, Russ and Meek Mill. Of course, some stars missed out on being named to the prestigious list. Notably, Nicki Minaj is absent as she released her album a little late for her earnings to be considered. 

Check out the full tally here and let us know who you’re most surprised about. Personally, I’m glad to see Russ taking a W here.