Ja Rule Suggests 50 Cent’s Scared To Go Hit-For-Hit

Ja Rule Suggests 50 Cent’s Scared To Go Hit-For-Hit


The Instagram Live beat battles have provided endless amounts of entertainment over the past few weeks. We’ve seen revered pairs of producers like RZA and DJ Premier and Scott Storch and Mannie Fresh go head-to-head to see who’s catalog contains the better records. But it hasn’t only been producers — songwriters, too, have jumped on the trend. 

The one battle that has been mentioned but will definitely not come into fruition is Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent. This all began yesterday when Ja Rule proposed to go song-for-song with50 Cent. Though it would be unlikely that they would bury the hatchet afterward, Ja Rule thought this was the only fair way to see who the true winner of their decade-plus war is. Fif simply brushed him off, claiming Ja was simply chasing attention.

Well, it looks like Ja Rule is looking at the situation differently. Taking to Instagram, he shared a photo of 50 Cent with “Shook Ones Pt. II” by Mobb Deep playing along with the caption “COWARD.” He later shared a screenshot of a separate article about 50 Cent’s reaction with the song’s hook playing.

I just wanna say that it’s all love from my side never scared to compete I was asked would I do a verzuz with 50 and I said of course I don’t back down lol… I stand by my catalog and the records I’ve written for others I LOVE HIP HOP… #fortheculture,” he wrote on Twitter afterward.

Despite this, he did share a meme while showing love for his fans for standing by his side.