J. Cole Vibes Hard To Maxo Kream’s Upcoming Album

J. Cole Vibes Hard To Maxo Kream’s Upcoming Album


Maxo Kream has been quietly cementing himself as one of the game’s most promising up-and-comers. A charismatic lyricist with a penchant for gallows humor and gripping street realism, Maxo has been working on his Punken follow-up for some time now. With his new single with Megan Thee Stallion “She Live” out now, the buzz surrounding the upcoming project is steadily rising. Last week, Maxo had the opportunity to share his work with J. Cole, who has developed a reputation as a capable executive-producer type; having already overseen Swizz Beatz‘ Poison, Cole has taken a pivotal role in shaping Young Thug’s new album and Revenge Of The Dreamers 3.

J. Cole Vibes Hard To Maxo Kream's Upcoming Album

Tim Warner/Getty Images

In the clip, shared by Maxo himself, Cole can be seen taking in an unreleased Kream banger. In the background, Kream mimes a performance, allowing Cole room to sit comfortably in his zone. The track itself is pinnacle Maxo, with an up-tempo dark instrumental, a subtly eerie blend of trap. Maxo’s bars paint a vivid picture, toting a “chopper too big to conceal” while “selling dope” against his label’s best wishes.

Though Cole’s post-song commentary went unseen, his head-nodding serves to speak volumes. As Kream is already an honorary Dreamers 3 invitee, it stands to reason that his relationship with the camp will only strengthen with time. We’ve already heard Maxo and J.I.D. have a collaboration in the stash – might Cole also be contributing to the cause?