‘It Takes A Village’: This Is How Far Kail, Jo And Vee Have Come On Teen Mom 2

‘It Takes A Village’: This Is How Far Kail, Jo And Vee Have Come On Teen Mom 2


Kailyn and Vee “have grown up together” — and on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, it was apparent how far Jo’s ex and Jo’s wife have really come.

Kail and Vee — who memorably shared an emotional embrace on the Season 9 reunion after a not-so-great start when Jo began dating his future spouse back on Season 3 — began working together on a brand-new podcast called “Baby Mamas No Drama.” The perfect guest made an appearance on the show — and his name is Jo.

“It’s always exciting to have you two in the same room,” Isaac and Vivi’s dad gushed about the women while they recorded the podcast. “It’s pretty awesome. I’m excited to see you guys taking a new journey together.”

Jo admitted that he always wanted the women to be friendly (remember Isaac’s uncomfortable fourth birthday party?), and Kail credited her relationship with Jo for making it possible.


“You never blurred the lines,” Kail told Jo. “We never had a moment where we have blurred lines like I have with my other relationships.”

Jo pointed out that Kail and Vee are “not so different” and even joked that they realized they “liked each other more than you like me.” But it was really the prospect of their children not knowing each other if, God forbid, something happened to Kail or Jo that united this family on another level.

“I’ve always been passionate about our kids being able to be in the same circle, being able to love each other as siblings,” Jo stated. “It takes a village to raise these kids. It takes all of us.”

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