Irv Gotti Thinks 6ix9ine Can Revive Career Because New Generation Accepts Snitching

Irv Gotti Thinks 6ix9ine Can Revive Career Because New Generation Accepts Snitching


T.I. isn’t the only person who believes that Tekashi 6ix9ine can return home without a problem. During the Atlanta rapper’s recent interview with 92.3 The Real’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, T.I. said 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, will be welcomed back home with open arms because “there’s a bunch of rats walking around right now.” We reported earlier this week that Hernandez may opt to forego the Witness Protection Protection Program and undertake 24-hour security because he wants to return to his career in music. According to Murder Inc. label head Irv Gotti, Hernandez may be able to make a revival of his disgraced career work. 

“I’ve never seen a rapper like this,” Irv stated when asked by a TMZ cameraman about his opinions on Hernandez. “This is a first. I truly don’t know…What I feel is that, the new generation, I think he can put out a hit record and they’re gonna f*ck with him. They’re not like me or like the older generation who really have strong beliefs on snitching. You hear it now. A lot of people, you hear the comments [like], ‘I would snitch, too, if it was gonna hurt me.’ I think it’s a new world. It’s different than when I came up.”

“If we was talking about my generation, he would have no chance at a career,” Irv stated, adding that if this happened in the 1990s Hernandez would be in trouble. “No chance. N*ggas would probably whoop his ass on sight…that didn’t have nothing to do with the trial, just ’cause they know he’s a snitch. They would just bomb on this n*gga, but it’s a new world.

Irv ended his exchange by saying that Hernandez’s plight isn’t something that he thinks about. It’s only when he’s stopped by TMZ does it even cross his mind., “I don’t think about Tekashi. I don’t know him,” he said. “I don’t want to know him. I’m glad he didn’t mention me and my name. The guy is snitching on everybody. He’s dry snitching and snitching on everybody. It’s crazy.”