Instagram Gallery: Rich The Kid & Baby Momma Tori Brixx’s Best Pics

Instagram Gallery: Rich The Kid & Baby Momma Tori Brixx’s Best Pics


Considering everything that Rich the Kid and his baby momma have gone through, (home invasioninfidelity scandal, and social media drag sessions by other rappers in the game, to name a few) the fact that they’re still riding for each other speaks volumes about their commitment. Once declaring Brixx to be “badder than Rihanna and Kim K,” there’s no denying that Rich the Kid only has eyes for his new flame amidst messy divorce proceedings with his estranged wife Antonette Willis.  

Echoing her man’s devotion, Brixx routinely flaunts her love for RTK on social media, taking every opportunity to boss up her baby daddy in public. “I love that Rich is very attentive and he pays attention to my body. I just like that he’s there and that makes me feel secure,” says Brixx in a sit-down with True Religion

From defending one another on Twitter to splashing their love all over the ‘Gram with suggestive captions and sexy snaps, RTK and Brixx have no problem showing fans and haters alike that public opinion has no sway over their relationship. Rock solid and committed to his third child, it looks like Brixx has moved RTK to become a family man in a way his estranged wife never could. 

Peep the Instagram gallery below to see a collection of the sexiest, most heartwarming and sincere uploads from the “Plug Walk” rapper and his multi-hyphenate baby momma. 

Baby Bump 

Judging from the way RTK is grabbing Brixx’s bump, the two aren’t finished in the baby-making department. 


Talk about a picture-perfect moment. 


Nothing but smiles for RTK and his heavily pregnant girlfriend. 


“The King & his Queen,” captioned Rich the Kid alongside a snap of the two lovebirds in Dubai. 

Welcome To Miami 

The couple that hits the Miami scene together, stays together.

By Her Side 

RTK stood by his baby momma’s side every step of her pregnancy, even when she was ready to pop at eight months old. 


“I literally just delivered my baby boy ? biggest blessing ?? I cant believe it he’s here,” wrote RTK in an Instagram post celebrating his new family. 


“[You] make me smile with my heart,” captioned Rich, lettings his followers know that their relationship is founded on much more than just physical attraction. 


When it comes to labels, there’s only two that fit RTK and Brixx – and that’s mom and dad. 


Living A Dream 

“I’m so happy I must be living a dream thank you for having this beautiful baby thank for making me better thank you for being by my side always your everything I can ever imagine the most beautiful women I’ve ever met inside & out ?,” wrote RTK in a post dedicated to bossing up his woman just before she gave birth to their son.