Instagram Gallery: Quavo’s Most Blinged-Out Pics

Instagram Gallery: Quavo’s Most Blinged-Out Pics


Once the star power of Migos grew far beyond their down-south regional popularity with their 2013 mainstream hit Versace, it quickly became clear that Quavo, Takeoff and Offset were committed to making their mark on the rap game. While there’s no denying that each member of Migos brings their own charisma, flavor and talent behind the mic, Quavo set himself aside from the pack when he killed his feature on Travis Scott‘s 2015 track “Oh My Dis Side.”

Popularizing the now iconic triplet flow that other rappers like Drake, Future and Kanye have now used within their own bodies of work, Quavo’s signature flow has earned him the title of the pop-rap hybrid feature king. Hopping on tracks from Billboard-charting stars like Liam Payne and DJ Khaled, Quavo is arguably the most popular of the three Migos, able to command a track with equally catchy hooks and bars.

Aside from his musical ability, Quavo also takes great care to look and live the part of a superstar. Always down to flex his ever-expanding ice collection on the ‘Gram and show off his megawatt smile often sporting a diamond-spattered grill, Quavo knows the weight of his drip and is happy to flash it for his fans. Sitting down with GQ, the “Ice Tray” rapper showed off his “insane” jewelry collection to clue fans in on just how important it is to keep his wrists, chest, ears and mouth so frozen. 

“It’s like we can’t top each other,” says Quavo of he and his groupmates’ penchant for custom pieces and signature ice. “In the ice game, you gotta be real creative and different.” 

Proving that his obsession with statement pieces goes back far beyond his recent celebrity, Quavo even continued with a long list of his jewelry heroes. “Gucci, Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick…I even liked the way Sammy Davis Jr. used to rock his jewelry,” says the ATL rapper. “Master P, Johnny Dang…all the Houston rappers. They killed the grills. But make sure you got a big enough bankroll put up before you go buyin’ this jewelry.”

To see all of Quavo’s iciest, most blinged-out pics, check out the Instagram gallery below. 


In case you somehow missed the shine on his grill, Quavo offered his Insta followers an up-close-and-personal view. 


“Paparazzi,” captioned Quavo alongside a shot of his grill which made the light flash like a camera every time it bounced along with his diamond-studded smile. 

Jungle Drip 

Any top rapper’s ice collection wouldn’t be complete with a classic video game-inspired piece. In Quavo’s case, he’s covered his bases with the Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku pendant pictured below. 

Top And Bottom 

Quavo has more money in his mouth than most of us will see in a lifetime. 


In case you’d forgotten, Quavo is here to remind you that he’s chained up to the streets. 

Too Much Jewelry 

Think this spinning piece and Huncho chain is just too much? “This ain’t even half my jewelry,” says Quavo. 

Huncho Collection 

Naturally, Quavo would be remiss if he didn’t promote his 2019 collab with online fashion retailer boohooMan fully decked out in triple-layered chains. 


“Diamonds on fleek,” says Quavo of this look. 


All those gold chains and Quavo still holds his head up. 

Back At It again 

Pictured here, Quavo can hardly fit all of his ice into one still frame.