Instagram Gallery: Famous Dex's Most Outrageous Posts

Instagram Gallery: Famous Dex's Most Outrageous Posts


Setting him aside from other rappers who opt for a numbed, chill vibe both on wax and IRL, Famous Dex spits bars about the sensory benefits weed and lean as a means providing an outlet for his boundless, unlimited energy. Born and raised in the South Side Chicago, (five blocks from where Chief Keef grew up in Englewood) Dex is steadfast in his unshakable commitment to drop music that both inspires and motivates the youth.

In a stark departure from Glory Boyz Entertainment and Chief Keef’s determination to bring the trap beats and hard-hitting, dark lyrics the Chicago drill scene out into the open, Dex uses his rough beginning as a baseline to evoke an opposite set emotions from his listeners. Far removed from thrusting the realities street/gang life into the mainstream, Dex is resolute in his mission to create turn up trap-bangers that make his fans feel good no matter what they’re doing.

“If you had a bad day at work and you put my music on in your car, you gon’ dance and you gon’ shake your head to it,” Dex said. “You gon’ have fun with it,” he added, as the first artist signed to rapper Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever music label.

Sitting down with High Snobiety, the “New Wave” rapper extrapolated on the endless reserves energy that he calls upon to bring levity and good vibes to a scene usually dominated by competition. “I’ve been like this my whole life,” Dex admitted. “I’ve always been a class clown and a jokester. I’m just an energetic person. That’s why I want to bring laughter and fun back to the game.”

Always down to drop f-the-wall uploads, peep this collection Famous Dex’s most outrageous Instagram posts.


“Ain’t not like top from uh Opp Thot ? #EatEat,” captioned Dex alongside a photo him being “serviced” by an inflatable sex doll.  


High AF

He may be rich and famous, but Dex has no problem gassing up in a bathroom and slumping on a toilet seat. 

Japan Freestyle

“Japan” isn’t just one Dex’s hit singles, it’s a place for the rapper to freestyle with a random stranger strumming away on a bench. 

Sign Me

Forget Minaj signing boobs, for Dex…it’s all about inking his name on the backsides his fans.  

Supreme Patty And Famous Dex

When Dex links up with Instagram star Supreme Patty, you know a turn up session is imminent. 

Ride Or Die 

Dex may be ficially single, but there’s one ride or die (blowup) chick that’s a constant throughout his Insta feed. “Heyyy bayyyyyy f the Oill An this bitch spoil,” wrote Dex in the upload’s caption.

Roy Purdy

Famous Dex doesn’t care what the internet thinks him linking up with Roy Purdy, the poster child memes coming to life.


In part three his blowup bay saga, Dex reclines with his fully nude side piece. 


Ice Box

Dex wasn’t lying when he said his diamonds shine like Rick Ross, as proven by here by the rapper dropping a cool 100k on a wrist piece.  


According to Dex, he really can’t f— with the stank– maybe that’s why he favors blowup dolls?