Instagram Gallery: Celebrities That (Literally) Fight To Stay Fit

Instagram Gallery: Celebrities That (Literally) Fight To Stay Fit


For most celebrities, maintaining a picture-perfect bod is just another requirement of living their lives in the public eye. While many A-listers choose to sweat out those excess calories by hitting the pavement, the yoga studio or the gym, many are now opting to sculpt their physiques by stepping into the ring. From slipping on boxing gloves and throwing punch after punch like Kevin Hart to training in mixed martial arts like Wiz Khalifa, staying fighting fit is a top priority for many celebs. 

Instead of simply treating his time in the ring as a means to bulk up his notoriously skinny frame, Wiz instead embraced the fighting community as a whole and transformed his life in the process. “The fighting community is really cool,” he admits. “All of the fighters that I meet, or anybody that I train with, they’re super forward with the knowledge and really cool as far as teaching technique and combos. Nobody is really aggressive and wants to fuck you up too bad. They be getting some people in the gym who be acting a little crazy. But for the most part, everyone that I’ve run into, whether that would be professional or on their own situation, they’ve been really, really cool and accepting of me doing my thing and wanting to further my knowledge.”

From MMA to boxing and slap boxing, check out the gallery below to see which celebs know how to get down in the ring. 

Kevin Hart 

“Getting these hands together for these upcoming action movies….I’m serious about my craft damn it,” captions Kevin Hart alongside a video of his late-night boxing session.  


Wiz Khalifa 

According to Wiz, “Don’t catch feelings…catch these hands.” 

Halle Berry 

As a huge fitness enthusiast, Berry often shares her boxing workouts with her 5.5 million followers. 


Judging from this video, you wouldn’t want to be caught in a slap boxing fight with late rapper XXXTentacion. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is taking all fades. 


If you’re wondering how Drake got ready for The Assassination World Tour, here’s video proof of how he upped his onstage endurance. 

Gigi Hadid 

Want a body like a Victoria’s Secret model? Strap on some boxing gloves like Gigi Hadid.  

Khloe Kardashian 

How do you think Khloe Kardashian shed those unwanted pounds? Sweating them off in a boxing session, of course. 

Justin Bieber 

It looks like Bieber could stand to work on his form. 

Idris Elba 

As an actor, rapper, DJ, style icon and pro-kickboxer, Idris Elba routinely pushes his mental and physical strength to the absolute limit.