Instagram Gallery: Berner’s Best Stoner Friendly Pics

Instagram Gallery: Berner’s Best Stoner Friendly Pics


For as much as hip-hop celebrates marijuana both lyrically and as a part of its culture as a whole, only a few artists stand out of the smoke-pack as examples of what it truly means to link art and weed consumption. Consistently tipping his hat to fellow veteran stoners like Snoop Dogg and E-40, Berner has made a name for himself as a hybrid rapper and entrepreneur with nearly as many unique blends under his belt as he has albums. As a member of Wiz Khalifa‘s Taylor Gang crew, Berner has supplemented his impressive 16-album discography with an impressive number of weed business ventures including multiple dispensaries, a 420-friendly streetwear line and a line of Hemp-infused water aptly named HempH2O. 

“Like everyone else, I smoked it when I was like thirteen or fourteen years old and was able to enjoy it,” says the marijuana mogul of his first time lighting up. “I thought I loved it but, when I was around fifteen or sixteen years old, I got a chance to smoke some shit in the Bay Area… and that was a life-changing experience, you know?”

Turning that singular life-changing experience into a longtime love affair that would go on to net the “Smoke Box” rapper seven figures, Berner has now undoubtedly solidified his spot as one ganja’s greatest innovators. 

So grind up some Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, or SnowMan and peep Berner’s most 420-friendly Instagram pics. 

Happy B-Day Snoop 

As a weed connoisseur, Berner couldn’t let Snoop’s birthday pass without calling on his followers to light one up for the OG. 

Grow Baby Grow 

Berner isn’t just the face of his dispensaries – instead, he’s involved in every step of the growing process to ensure that he’s touting the highest quality bud around. 

Weed Man 

Berner’s always more than happy to show off his bag. 

Sun Grown 

“Thankful for all the friendships and good vibes the plant ? constantly brings my way,” captions Berner alongside a video of some quality sun-grown bud.


Berner is always proud to shoutout his line of Cookies dispensaries on the ‘Gram.


No matter how much you smoke, there’s no way you can keep up with the size of Berner’s rolls.  

Respect The Process

Wondering where to start? Berner’s got you covered. “Roll it up …. light it up …. smoke it up … inhale …. exhale.”

OG Pot Head 

You’re not really a stoner if you haven’t turned an apple into an improvised bowl. 


Smoking weed is a social activity, so, as Berner says…”Roll up a fat one & pass it around.” 


“Keep it burnin’ nice and good. VIBES,” says Berner of his Amsterdam smoke session.