In The Valley Below Announce New Album & Release 'Desperate Dance' Exclusive

In The Valley Below Announce New Album & Release 'Desperate Dance' Exclusive


In The Valley Below are striking a new chord on their upcoming sophomore album The Pink Chateau, set for release Oct. 5 Bright Antenna Records. The alternative pop-rock group marks the announcement with a vibrant video for their latest single Desperate Dance, available exclusively on Streets Talkin below.

The duo, composed of Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob, takes their sound far from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, home studio where the album was recorded and infuse a propulsive pop sound to their roots-rock sensibilities.

No track gives better proof of their refreshed boundary-pushing style than the wild ride of Desperate Dance and its flashy accompanying video. Filmed in the untamed expanse of Joshua Tree in California, the pair embody the songs thematic struggle to maintain a sense of self amid a world of temptations with a vivacious flare and kaleidoscopic visuals.

“We like to have some freedom when making videos, so we find a location and kind of wing it, the band tells Streets Talkin. We had an urge to go to the desert for this video…the colorful scenes and baptism felt strange and unlikely in the dry uninhabitable desert.

The contrast allows for a mind-bending trip that complements the blend of sounds in the bands repertoire, as well as the songs breakneck rush to the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether the final shot is meant to suggest an optimistic or morbid outcome for the duo, In The Valley Below is coming out renewed and sharper than ever.

Check out the video for Desperate Dance and their upcoming tour dates below.

Tour Dates:
July 18 — Chicago, IL @ Martyrs
July 19 — New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
July 24 — Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
July 25 — San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop