Ice Cube Hits The Breakfast Club, Talks Big3, Michael Rapaport & More

Ice Cube Hits The Breakfast Club, Talks Big3, Michael Rapaport & More


Every so ten, a rare breed artist comes forth, who simply excels in any and all endeavors. Ice Cube is one such artist, boasting a storied hip-hop career, a respectable film career, and now, a burgeoning career in the industry pressional sports. The legendary NWA rapper recently took time to chop it up with The Breakfast Club, whom he claims helped jump-start the success his Big3 league.

On that note, Charlamagne wonders whether Cube actually expressed desire for the Big3 champions to land a White House invitation. Cube firmly denies it, stating “I don’t give a damn about that.” He does clarify, however, saying that “they need to invite Michael Rapaport to the White House. Rapaport a super hero now. He white, you white, go on and invite him.” 

Cube also reflects on the Big Three’s female head coach, Nancy Lieberman, who stands as head coach the “Power” squad. “She won last week,” says Cube. “It was great to see her out there doing her thing. Telling Big Baby what to do.” Afterward, Charlamagne praises how the Big3 gives a shine to older ballers who can still kick it, and wonders how one might do the same for aging rappers. Luckily, Cube is ever the pragmatist. “They can go in and get to the studio,” he says. “Get in the studio and do some music. It’s really about worrying about your fanbase and catering to your fanbase at a certain point. That’s what I do.”

For more from the legendary Ice Cube, peep the whole interview below.