Ice Cube Celebrates "Friday" 24th Anniversary With OG "Bye, Felicia" Meme

Ice Cube Celebrates "Friday" 24th Anniversary With OG "Bye, Felicia" Meme


Anyone who’s a fan of Ice Cube‘s Friday trilogy will recall the hilarious moment when he Craig got stoned and dismissed Felicia Parker with the iconic, “Bye, Felicia.” The phrase became a staple phrase in the West Coast throughout the 90s and the early 2000s, but it didn’t reach its peak of popularity until 2015. “Bye, Felicia” became a staple in pop culture lexicon in the past few years. Michelle Obama used the phrase on Jimmy Fallon to describe her departure from the White House. Jordin Sparks later released a mixtape titled, #ByeFelicia.

Ice Cube, who originated the term, has been teasing the release of the final installment to the Friday series for a minute. It was officially greenlit in 2017 but it appears as though he’s getting ready to drop Last Friday in the near future. The rapper teased the project’s release on Instagram with the original “Bye, Felicia” meme.

“To the 24 years that have flown since this came out, all I gotta say is… BYE, FELICIA,” he wrote. “Do you want the next chapter??”

Earlier this year, Ice Cube confirmed that the film is well underway but he did detail that he felt the pressure to create the type of content that will due the original justice.

“To me, we got great actors in the movie, you know? Some comedians, some just great actors,” he said. “So the movie’s gonna have the right chemistry — that to me is not anything to worry about. It’s more about do they have the material that they can take and turn into magic. It’s on me to put that in their hands.”