Holland Says 'I'm Not Afraid' in Inclusive, LGBTQ+ Positive Music Watch

Holland Says 'I'm Not Afraid' in Inclusive, LGBTQ+ Positive Music Watch


K-pop singer Holland returned today (July 6) with his second single “I’m Not Afraid.”

A smooth, house-infused EDM track, the song is an autobiographical anthem celebrating Holland’s mindset. The reverberating “I’m not, not afraid anymore” hook resonates throughout the track as the singer takes ownership of his identity.

The music video for “I’m Not Afraid” features Holland, who is openly gay, and a group of friends living it up at a retro-inspired party, disco ball and all. With a diverse cast that depicts people of multiple races and genders — a rarity in many K-pop music videos — and overflowing with free love, “I'm Not Afraid” culminates with Holland and a man, along with several other couples at the party, engaging in a major makeout session.

The clip ends with Holland waking up in a field, with the words “On the Second Moon” flashing across the screen, potentially teasing some new music from the singer.

The music video has been swept in controversy, with Holland tweeting to fans that the video has received R and 19+ ratings on video platforms.

Holland arrived on the Korean music scene in January with his single “Neverland” and has rapidly gained a major international following as the first openly gay K-pop singer, becoming an icon quickly for incorporating his sexuality prominently into his work. He recently was selected as the winner of the 2018 Dazed 100 list.

Watch the music video for “I’m Not Afraid”  here: