Hayley Williams Transforms in Horror-Inspired ‘Simmer Interlude’ Watch

Hayley Williams Transforms in Horror-Inspired ‘Simmer Interlude’ Watch


Hayley Williams unveiled the follow-up video to her debut solo single "Simmer" on Tuesday (Jan. 28). Titled "Simmer Interlude," the ominous visual picks up right where its predecessor left off, with an unconscious Williams at the mercy of a haunting figure also played by the Paramore frontwoman.

The minute-long interlude utilizes very little music as Williams is dragged through an old house by her captor, who eventually cradles her in her arms. Sinister strings draw out the suspense as time passes and the pair become encased in webbing, trapped together in chilling cocoon. Eventually, the casing has transformed into a pulsating, insect-like shell and as the clip ends, Williams is awakened from her slumber, though only her frantic eye is visible as the screen fades to black.

"Wrath & mercy: an interlude," she wrote on Twitter alongside the video. "There is more to the story…coming soon."

"Simmer" marked Williams' first solo foray outside of Paramore, and will serve as the lead single for her upcoming debut solo album, Petals for Armor, which is set for release May 8 Atlantic Records.

Check out the "Simmer Interlude" video below.