GASHI Flips the Script on Internet Trolls With Two-Part Exclusive

GASHI Flips the Script on Internet Trolls With Two-Part Exclusive


Brooklyn rapper GASHI turns the peanut gallery into a lyrical feast on his two latest tracks “YouTube Comments/Empty Inside,” available today (July 11) Roc Nation.

The two-part video, directed by Shomi Patwary (A$AP Rocky, Beyonce), depicts a barrage of negative YouTube comments hitting a troubled GASHI until he shuts the laptop and heads out on the road. Its a fitting portrayal as the rapper actually used real online comments to write the songs lyrics, but instead of simply putting his critics on blast, he uses the video to empathize with the people behind the words and showcase the toxicity of cyber-bullying.

If you look at how fast people forget the dead then you would think twice about caring about what people think about you,” GASHI tells Streets Talkin.

The combination of the two separate tracks for the video appears to be more of a thematic decision than anything else as the solemn tone that underlines YouTube Comments leads seamlessly into the salvation of Empty Inside. On the latter tune, GASHI opts for a flow that gives the song more of a Pop-R&B vibe, unlike anything he has done before, with sung verses centered on living free of judgment. Its a new angle for an artist that shows hes willing to stretch himself — and directly face anyone who says he cant.

But GASHI isnt just closing the book on his detractors. The rapper has set up a website specifically for the song titled and invites those who have a comment featured in the lyrics to an open dialogue, saying, I want to hear from you.

Check out the video for “YouTube Comments/Empty Inside” below.