"Game Of Thrones" Petition To Remake Season 8 Is Getting Uglier By The Minute

"Game Of Thrones" Petition To Remake Season 8 Is Getting Uglier By The Minute


Everywhere you go, it seems people are displeased with the lack of “character development” in the final season of Game of Thrones. Mind you, the very people voice their displeasure (week in, week out) are tuning in (week in, week out), creating pervasive rhetoric in the process.

Season 8 can’t be overturned on such short notice, but that hasn’t stopped a large swath of GOT fans from devising what they hope will be a game-changing petition. The plan is to force Game Of Thrones’ showrunners to accept a mulligan, thereby forcing enforcing a re-do on Season 8. Beginning with Jon and Dany’s arrival at Winterfell, there’s a naive hope that with enough pressure, the showrunners will yield to their demands, abandon ship on the remaining episodes, then start from scratch on a new Season 8.

As of this writing, just under 830,000 hostile GOT fans have signed the petition on Change.org – titled “Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers.” Inevitably, not every scriptwriting is designed to appease each and every fan. Some characters get disposed of too early in the timeline for some people’s liking.

Others are growing weary of a character dissolution, the kind TV nerds often associate with Star Trek The Next Generation and their axing of the  “Tasha Yar” character in unceremonious fashion. GOT fans, this is your chance to get it out in the open: is the writing really that poor, or are you just having a tough time letting go?