"Game Of Thrones" Cast Recalls Their Emotional Final Day Of Filming

"Game Of Thrones" Cast Recalls Their Emotional Final Day Of Filming


Soon, Game Of Thrones fans will be teary-eyed wishing farewell to the series they have loved for the last 9 years. The series finale takes place in just a few hours from now, but the cast of Game Of Thrones had their emotional goodbyes wrapped up months ago. Members of the cast sat down with People to discuss the inevitable ending, giving fans an insight into how the actors dealt with leaving behind a show that made many of their careers. 

“It was exciting and sad and overwhelming,” Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, stated. “Being a part of Thrones has undoubtedly brought more opportunity than I’d ever dreamt of and for that I am eternally grateful.” Prior to Game Of Thrones, Headey’s most popular role was that of the Spartan wife in 300. 

“I remember just crying and crying and crying,” said Sophie Turner, better know as Sansa Stark. “I think the most memorable thing was that I knew that [the end] was coming so I was waiting for them to say, ‘Cut.’ They would say ‘Cut!’ and I would think, ‘Oh my God this is it,’ and I’d start crying. And then they’d say, ‘Moving on to the next setup.’ And then I’d have to be like, ‘Okay. Keep it together. Keep it together.’ I just remember just being on the edge of tears all day.”

Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark, said she was in denial: “I remember trying not to think about it. Doing everything I could to not think about it,” she stated. “Like wandering around like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll have an ice pop.’ ‘Oh, the weather is so nice, am I right?’ ‘Look at that horse, so cute.’”

“The last day on set, I remember the fact that I couldn’t get through the speech that I was saying near the end, because I was kind of crying too, too much,” Emilie Clarke, the grand Daenerys Targaryen admitted. “I can’t say too much else because it really would be a spoiler.”