G Herbo Shares Juice WRLD Memories Including Motorcycle Accident

G Herbo Shares Juice WRLD Memories Including Motorcycle Accident


If he wasn’t a rap star, G Herbo is adamant that he wouldn’t be anywhere near social media. He and his girlfriend Taina Williams regularly share photos of one another and have been called “couple goals” by fans, but Herbo said that people on social media take themselves too seriously and judge others without merit. “People feel like they know you like, ‘Oh Herb, you this way,'” the rapper told Complex. “Actually, I’m this way. I’m human at the end of the day. They think we’re perfect. Like, the internet wants to perfect people in so many ways.”

G Herbo has been on a media tour to promote his upcoming PTSD that drops on Friday. The rapper talked with the outlet about the project, but a significant amount of the discussion was spent on sharing memories about Juice WRLD. “Shorty was just a genuine dude, through and through,” Herbo said of his late friend. “He really loved music. He was passionate about what he did. He wanted to like, make people happy. He didn’t really care about, ‘Lemme be that n*gga.’ ‘Cause shorty was that n*gga. He could have walked around with his chest poked out as much as he want to but he never did that.”

“He just started recording two years ago,” Herbo added. “I guarantee you he had over 1,500 songs. Well over a thousand songs. How you even gon’ get a thousand songs out? Yeah, shorty was different.” Then, Herbo shared memories of the goofy things he and Juice WRLD would do together like have lightsaber fights.

“I got in a motorcycle accident f*ckin’ with that kid,” Herbo remembered. “I was going 50 miles per hour just because I was with him and he loved motorcycles. He’ll go spend $50,000 on bikes and he just had bikes outside.” Watch G Herbo’s interview in full below.