G Herbo Has "Nothing But Love" For Ari Fletcher

G Herbo Has "Nothing But Love" For Ari Fletcher


There is no bad blood between G Herbo and his baby mother, Ari Fletcher, as the rapper revealed that he is focused on having their son Yosohn’s best interest at heart and will always have “nothing but love” for her. Herbo recently opened up about their “great co-parenting relationship,” noting that he talks to Ari all the time. The rapper paid a visit Real 92.3 L.A. on Monday to talk about his upcoming album, PTSD, which drops this Friday. During his visit, he was asked to elaborate on these comments and explain how he and Ari make it work as very public exes (23:56). “First and foremost I come from that kind of foundation,” Herbo started. “My mom and dad have been together for 30+ years, so I know how important that is on the kid’s upbringing. Even if y’all not together, establish some kind of middle relationship where y’all both can have enough mutual respect for each other to put the kid’s interest and everything first.”

“It wasn’t easy, of course. Everybody could see that it wasn’t easy but I feel like, all love for my son is everybody’s first priority. At the end of the day, that’s still my son’s mom. I got nothing but love for her, I want the best for her.” Herbo and Ari certainly did have a turbulent relationship. In January, Herbo pleaded guilty to battery after Ari accused him of assaulting last April, alleging that he dragged her by her hair and left scratches on her arm. Herbos guilty plea got him sentenced to a full year of probation, 150 hours of community service, and a mandatory 24-week family violence intervention program.

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Herbo was also asked about Ari’s highly publicized relationship with Moneybagg Yo, and whether he’s ever sat down to have a conversation with the fellow rapper. “I always feel like the respect level is always there regardless, even if it’s not a conversation,” Herbo noted. “Certain lines just won’t be crossed, so I don’t think that’s even a matter.” However, he went on to say that he’s not opposed to having a chat with Moneybagg. Herbo also recently opened up about his struggles with mental health and his decision to see a therapist.