Future's "Beast Mode 2" Was Nearly Titled "I'm Good Luv, Enjoy": Report

Future's "Beast Mode 2" Was Nearly Titled "I'm Good Luv, Enjoy": Report


Earlier today, the world was blessed with a brand new Future project that we’ve all been waiting for. The rapper’s sequel to 2015’s Beast Mode finally arrived and served as the first project we’ve received from Future this year. The project didn’t disappoint at all. Future and Zaytoven narrowed down the 100 songs they recorded into a concise 9 songs for Beast Mode 2. However, it turns out that Future and Zaytoven were initially plotting on a different album title before committing to Beast Mode 2.

Zaytoven recently spoke to The Fader about Future’s Beast Mode 2 and how it came about. However, he also revealed that the album wasn’t going to be titled Beast Mode 2 and the two them were ready to shake things up a bit. Zaytoven revealed that they were initially going to call the record, I’m Good Luv, Enjoy.

“Everybody was waiting on BEASTMODE 2 so much so it was like, we gotta find some way to throw ‘em f and make it newer,” Zaytoven said. “Since everybody had been using that “I’m good luv, enjoy” on the internet we thought that would be the way we gon’ kill ‘em.”

If you recall, a woman accused Future leaving her stranded after she flew out to L.A. to see him which sparked a viral moment for both parties. However, Zaytoven and Future decided to keep things the way it is.

“We felt the project was too classic to change the name,” Zaytoven said.