Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Continues To Take Shots At Him

Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Continues To Take Shots At Him


While Eliza Seraphin has been trying to get Future to take a paternity test for months to prove that he is the father of her child, Future has been reacting by trying to get the courts to hush her up. He has repeatedly requested for gag orders to be enforced against Seraphin so she would be prohibited from spreading false information about the rapper. 

We know that she has used social media to advertise her “1-800-DEADBEAT” campaign to rally against fathers who neglect their children. However, according to TMZ, Future has sued Seraphin for also disclosing details about their past sexual relations, claiming she is doing so to blackmail him. He also supposedly believes that she has fabricated this whole scheme because she is mentally unstable

Future's Alleged Baby Mama Continues To Take Shots At HimKevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite Fewtch’s attempts to silence Seraphin, she continues to publicly drag him. Her latest slanderous post about him was rather mild and indirect, but it’s still not hard to connect the dots. She reposted a meme that read, “Your biggest hater is never a stranger… it be your own babydaddy.” One of her followers gave a fair assessment of the situations in the comments. “You know not to post sumthing like this.. because you know how the internet is.. they will assume.. general statement or not.. you know what you doing.”

We pledge to keep you updated on all Future’s baby mama drama.