Future Has Gradually Become A Meme For Every Trending Topic

Future Has Gradually Become A Meme For Every Trending Topic


It appears as though Future has become a recurring meme for plenty of major trending topics on the Internet. Of course, we’re all familiar with the photo of Future looking down at his phone and presumably texting someone that has been turned into a “toxic ex-boyfriend meme” to depict a man trying to lure his way back into his ex’s life. The meme first gained traction around the holiday season last year, as it became the perfect way to portray those pesky exes who claim to be feeling festive and sentimental around Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to have an excuse to text you. The reason that Future in particular was crowned the perfect subject for these kinds of occasions is because it is widely believed that the notorious womanizer is likely indulging in similar toxic behaviour, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Future Has Gradually Become A Meme For Every Trending TopicRoy Rochlin/2018 Getty Images

Though the holidays are behind us now, fans are still finding new ways to use the meme to react to various trending topics, and have even turned other media of Future into some hilarious memery.

Trending Topic: World War III

Back in January when everyone was terrified that Donald Trump had lowkey triggered World War III by ordering the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, the Internet coped the only way it knows how: turned it into a meme. Folks made good use of the toxic ex-boyfriend meme to portray someone using a current world event as an excuse to remind their ex of their past relationship.

Trending Topic: Lena Waithe’s Marriage

Back when writer/producer/actress Lena Waithe announced her separation from wife Alana Mayo after just two months of marriage, it was rumoured that Lena had cheated on Alana with Harriet star, Cynthia Erivo. Future’s infamous toxicity came in handy once again, as Twitter users compared Lena’s adulterous ways to Future by editing a photo of the rapper looking at himself in the mirror.

Trending Topic: Hot Girl Summer

Summer 2019 went down in history as Hot Girl Summer thanks to self-proclaimed Hot Girl, Megan Thee Stallion. However, Future was the frontrunner of the opposing Hot Boys, so when he announced his EP, Save Me, back in June, it looked like Hot Girl Summer had some competition. A clip of Future declaring, “it’s an evil world we live in,” was used as every Hot Girl’s reaction to the realization that the Hot Boys were coming for their downfall.

Trending Topic: NBA Games

One of Future’s most well-known catchphrases was born out of an interview with Nardwuar back in 2014, in which he uttered the word, “sensational.” Gifs of the moment have been used on the Internet ever since, but it’s particularly popular as a reaction to various NBA games. The Toronto Raptors even referenced his famous catchphrase on their official Twitter account to express their sentiments about OG Anunoby’s impressive dunk during the Raptors’ game against the Washington Wizards in April 2018.

Trending Topic: Custody Battle

Of course, nothing can beat the Future memes during his custody battle with his ex, Ciara. Back in 2016, Future was granted joint custody of their son, Future Jr., despite Ciara’s insistence that he was not present in the child’s life. The memes were abundant, but the general sentiment was that Future had schemed his way into maintaining custody of Future Jr.

What will the next Future meme be?