French Soccer Player Bites Rival’s Penis, Lengthy Suspension Ensues

French Soccer Player Bites Rival’s Penis, Lengthy Suspension Ensues


No man should ever bite another man’s private parts. While this is a rule that probably shouldn’t be spoken about, there are times where it bears repeating because of the few people who do it, out of sheer ignorance. Back in November, an amateur French soccer game occurred between Terville and Soetrich. At one point, two players began to get into an altercation. That’s when a Terville player stepped in to break things up. According to Sports Illustrated, the Soetrich player retaliated by biting the interfering player on the penis.

The Terville player was rushed to hospital where he got 12 stitches to close up the wound. After months of deliberation, the soccer governing body for the league ruled that the player who committed the foul act would be suspended for five years.

What’s interesting about this whole ordeal is the fact that the victim has been suspended until June 30th of this year. According to the report, his conduct in the parking lot after the game was deemed inappropriate, hence the suspension. To be fair, if you get your private parts bit, you’re not going to be very happy about it.

Needless to say, this league has a lot to worry about moving forward.