Freddie Gibbs Confirms "Bandana" With Madlib Is Finished

Freddie Gibbs Confirms "Bandana" With Madlib Is Finished


Fans have eagerly awaited the arrival Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s follow-up to 2014’s Pinata. Since the release their first collaborative album together, Freddie has gone on to release three more solo records including his most recent opus, Freddie. The good news for fans is that the project is completed. The bad news is that it might take a while for us to actually receive it.

In a recent interview with Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson and B.Dot, Freddie Gibbs revealed that he and Madlib have completed Bandana but it’s currently tucked away in the stash, as DJBooth pointed out.

“I’m done with, you know, that Madlib album so I been sittin’ on that.” He said, “I got money. I don’t need to put it out yet. I’m good, I’m straight. I could put it out when it’s time to put it out… I just wasn’t ready yet. I wanted to do something else first.”

For Gibbs, it seems like everything is a matter timing including the release  Bandana.

“I feel like it’s so serious that I have to kind like wait to put that out.” He explained, “I’m talkin’, like, recording over something like over a course like three to four years, you know what I’m saying? It’s like a lot things that was goin’ on with like the jail thing and all that stuff. There was a lot things that I wanted to culminate in this album, so I wasn’t ready to put it out yet.”

Peep the interview below and pray that Bandana will see the light day soon.