Frank Ocean Takes Behind The Scenes Met Gala Pictures

Frank Ocean Takes Behind The Scenes Met Gala Pictures


Many know Frank Ocean as a rapper and singer, and though his deep and philosophical lyrics hint that the artist has more to offer than just creating music, not everyone knows that the “Nikes” singer also frequently dabbles in photography. 

Last year, we reported that Frank had played photographer for a spread in British magazine i-D, and since then he has worked on a couple of lowkey visual projects, “I’ve been taking pictures of everything,” he said in an interview with  GQ magazine at the start of 2019. Not many of these visual projects found their way to the mainstream media, but he did, however, make his Instagram public back in November, giving his grateful fans a glimpse into his personal life through his lens.

2 years ago, Vogue hired Ocean to take candid pictures for the 2017 Met Gala and last night, the magazine revealed that they had, once again, hired the singer/rapper to capture behind-the-scenes shots for this year’s event.

The running joke of the night – led by Ocean himself – was that the Blonded artist had showed up to this year’s Gala dressed as a valet attendant; and while he didn’t, in fact, park any cars that night, he did take a whole slew of candid, intimate photos of this year’s attendees; including names like: Gigi Hadid, Lizzo, Jeff Bezos, Kendall Jenner, Jared leto, and many more. 

Equipped with his trusty Contax T3 camera, Ocean took a whole host of up close and personal shots of the night, from a close-up of Hailey Bieber’s Alexander Wang thong, to a picture of Kendall Jenner flipping him off, he managed to capture the private moments of the event that we wouldn’t normally see. You can check out a couple of pictures below, and the full photo series here.