Frank Ocean Reveals He’s Been In A "Relationship For Three Years"

Frank Ocean Reveals He’s Been In A "Relationship For Three Years"


Frank Ocean‘s new wave of being open with his fans, joining Instagram and doing more interviews is everything and more we could have asked for from the Blonde music maker. The latest feature had by the singer sees him raising his right hand high on the cover of GAYLETTER, opening up about writing music, his life in New York and as we posted, his previous complicated label situation

Another tidbit of information we think is worth noting is a part of the interview where Frank reveals that he’s been in a relationship for a while now. The publication asked the “Nikes” singer what it’s like to date, considering his fame, and if he dabbles in dating any apps. 

“I don’t use dating apps. I’ve been in a relationship for three years,” Frank responded. “I definitely wasn’t using dating apps before then. I don’t think I would use dating apps now. I fuck with Marc Jacobs’ philosophy on that, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but it is a little hectic being a famous person on dating apps.”

As for the lucky person Frank calls his partner? We don’t have the tea on that but Godspeed to him and his love.