Frank Ocean Album Sales Spike For No Reason

Frank Ocean Album Sales Spike For No Reason


We must be getting to that time in quarantine when everybody is in their feelings because, for no good reason, Frank Ocean saw two of his albums have tremendous sales weeks.

The reclusive singer re-emerged with acoustic versions of two previously-previewed singles “Dear April” and “Cayendo” and it appears as though the interest surrounding those two releases carried over to his past work.

Frank Ocean Album Sales Spike For No Reason
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Frank Ocean hasn’t released a full-length body of work in years. That wouldn’t fly for most artists. However, Frank is in a league of his own. Much like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and others, he can strategically choose whenever he wants to drop and it’ll always be a hit with the fans. Either his following has started to miss him dearly, the new singles reminded them of what used to be, or it’s just been a rough week in quarantine for everybody. Whichever option applies the most, it has been reported that sales figures for Blonde and Channel Orange both jumped tremendously in the last week.

According to Chart Data, Blonde was up 25.2% in the United States while Channel Orange was up 26.5%. Usually, an artist will see this sort of jump when they announce a new project. Frank Ocean doesn’t even need to do that. He just needs people to get sad.

Are you bumping Blonde and Channel Orange this week?