Fortnite Is Now A High School & College Sport

Fortnite Is Now A High School & College Sport


Fortnite is officially set to become a high school and collegiate sport, according to Tech Crunch.

LA-based startup PlayVS has partnered with Epic Games to start competitive league play within the collegiate and high school level. High schools will be able to pay $64 per player to enter into a league where they can compete with other local schools. 

While the format is duos, schools can submit as many teams of two as they like. The top-performing team will be put into a playoff with a chance to play in a championship game in May: “A season is divided into a one-week long preseason, an eight-week long regular season, followed by the playoffs. A champion is crowned at the end of each season,” reads PlayVS’s website.

The site allows users to use “comprehensive Match Data & Statistics” to analyze performance and scout opposing teams. 

“We provide a robust online platform that enables schools to easily build and manage teams, check schedules, and track stats, all with real-time support,” the company says.

PlayVS was founded in April of 2018 by Delane Parnell with the mission of bringing competitive esports to the high school level. The company has raised $96 million since launch. 

The season begins on March 2nd.