Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s Album ‘Changes’

Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s Album ‘Changes’


It's official, Beliebers: Justin Bieber's album is on the way, and soon. The 25-year-old took to social media just after midnight on Tuesday (Jan. 28) to reveal his upcoming album's release date, cover and title, Changes.

The Biebs has been teasing a new album since hinting it's "coming soon" while on stage with Ariana Grande at Coachella last April, officially kicking off #Bieber2020 on Christmas Eve with a 90-second teaser in which Bieber asserted the project is "the music that I’ve loved the most out of anything I’ve done.” The singer dropped the first taste of the album with "Yummy" earlier this month, and the day before announcing Changes, Bieber's YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons also previewed some tracks and album details.

Changes marks Bieber's first LP since 2015's Purpose. Pre-save the album here, and take a look at everything we know about the album below.

It's arriving February 14.

Bieber crytpically tweeted "January 27, January 28, January 29… February 14th" on Jan. 21, leading some Beliebers to think that the final date of the bunch was when the album would arrive. Bieber confirmed that their sleuthing was right: Feb. 14 is, in fact, the album release date.

The cover is very Valentine's Day-friendly.

Along with the title and release date, Bieber unveiled the cover art for Changes, which features a shirtless Bieber looking away from the camera in the center of the shot. The photo is drenched in red, making the Valentine's Day release even more fitting for the very-much-in-love Bieber.

It has 17 tracks.

Though Bieber didn't reveal a track list upon announcing the album, Beliebers who pre-ordered the album on iTunes could see that there's 17 songs on the LP. "Yummy" is track No. 5.

It features at least one major collaboration.

At the same time of the album reveal, Bieber also released a new track, a collaboration with Kehlani titled "Get Me." The song has a punchy beat and continues the R&B vibes Bieber teased with "Yummy," elevated by Kehlani's equally smooth voice.

Post Malone and Travis Scott are also rumored to be part of the project. Bieber has yet to confirm either rapper, but Post recently told Streets Talkin, "I don't know how much I can talk about it, but we did something…"

There may be a Spanish-flavored song on it.

Episode three of Seasons begins with Bieber in the studio dropping some Spanish lines for a song titled "La Bomba." While it's unclear whether the song actually made the album, Bieber seemed to really dig it.

One of Bieber's favorite songs is called "Habitual."

The same episode of Seasons also reveals a track titled "Habitual," which started with a beat created by Latin producer Tainy. After Bieber's longtime producer/collaborator Poo Bear whipped up a demo, Bieber was immediately sold and cut it that night. Though he didn't explicitly say that the song is on Changes, he did call it "one of my favorite songs."

It sounds a lot like Journals.

Streets Talkin's Jason Lipshutz got a preview of Changes just before the Grammys, and referred to it a "futuristic R&B/pop project" that calls back to the sound of his 2013 compilation album Journals. "Yummy" producer Kid Culture — who worked on several songs for Changes — also told Streets Talkin that the album's sound reminds him most of Journals

Hailey is the biggest inspiration for the album.

Lipshutz also revealed that the thematic focus of Changes is "the healing powers of love and marriage," which is insinuated several times throughout Seasons. Justin's wife, Hailey, spent a lot of time in the studio with him as he recorded the album (even giving some valuable input on what she liked and didn't like) and Justin himself declared that every song is about her. 

Poo Bear had a hand in every song.

Bieber began working with producer/songwriter Poo Bear on Journals, and teamed up for a majority of Purpose. But Changes is seemingly the most Poo and Bieber have ever worked together, as Bieber said in an episode of Seasons that Poo "basically partnered with me on every song on this album."

Target will have collectors-edition CDs.

The official release for Changes revealed that there will be special collectors-edition versions of the album available at Target. It's unclear whether that version will feature more new songs, but they will at least contain one of two exclusive fold-out posters.

Bieber's going on tour.

The 90-second #Bieber2020 teaser included a massive tour announcement, unveiling dates, cities and venues. With the album reveal on Jan. 28 came confirmation of the trek, fittingly titled The Changes Tour. "Get Me" collaborator Kehlani and Bieber's longtime pal Jaden Smith will serve as support. Tickets will be on sale to the general public the day Changes drops, but fans can get their hands on tickets earlier than Feb. 14 with special pre-sales. Get more details here.