Erykah Badu’s Vagina-Scented Incense Sold Out

Erykah Badu’s Vagina-Scented Incense Sold Out


If you were looking to fill your home with Erykah Badu‘s vagina-scented incense, you’re too late. This past Thursday (Feb. 20), the artist born, Erica Abi Wright, took to Twitter to announce the news that her ‘Badu P*ssy Premium Incense’ sold out. Lately, the gifted musician has been passing along words of wisdom to the new generation of up-and-coming artist, praising the father of her children, and showing the masses her generational blessings. And now, she’s in the business of providing the masses with flavorful aromas and more. 

It took only 19 minutes for Erykah Badu’s ‘Badu P*ssy Premium Incense’ to sell out. According to the Badu World Market website, the vagina-scented candles were hand-crafted with ashes from the singer’s underwear, pure resin, essential oils, and herbs. For $50, each order came with a total of 20 incense per pack.  

While speaking to 10 Magazine, the “Green Eyes” singer stated:

“I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them… Even the ash is part of it.”

While the incense might have sold out rapidly, the Badu World Market website still has Badu-designed t-shirts, hoodies, clogs, crystal-infused water bottles and more available for purchase. As of right now, there is no information available when or if the ‘Badu P*ssy Premium Incense’ will be restocked. 

Check out Erykah Badu’s Instagram post celebrating the release of her incense in the video provided below. 

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