Eminem Channels "Still Don’t Give A Fu*k" Energy With New Merch

Eminem Channels "Still Don’t Give A Fu*k" Energy With New Merch


At the onset of Eminem‘s career, post-Infinite and pre-Dr. Drea stylistic transformation transpired. The once Nas & AZ-inspired “backpack rapper” took a turn into deranged territory, imbuing his bars with overstylized, violent, and zany fantasies. At the core of Slim Shady’s personality was a simple mantra: to never give a fu*k. Said mantra ultimately birthed a pair of Slim Shady LP highlights, the single “Just Don’t Give A Fu*k,” and the album closer “Still Don’t Give A Fu*k.” And while the project recently celebrated its twentieth birthday, Em has never quite shed the defiant spirit behind his once mighty slogan. 

Eminem Channels "Still Don't Give A Fu*k" Energy With New Merch

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today, Slim took a moment to showcase his new merch line, which centers around his iconic “Give A Fu*k” series. The white tee featured purple text in the back, which reads “Still Don’t (give a fu*k)” and “Slim Shady LP 20th anniversary.” While the shirts appear to feature a minimalist approach to the design, it’s what remains to be seen that has captured our attention. 

“Went back with @dannyhastingsand @skam2official to make an anniversary capsule from the original + unseen Slim Shady LP art,” writes Em in the caption, alluding to some unreleased artwork from Slim Shady LP. Given that the interior booklet features some truly surreal imagery, it would be interesting to see whether this unseen art follows suit. Could the drug-laden mummy return to some capacity? We can only hope. Look for the full reveal on Friday, and check out the first look below.