Edel MJ Drops His First Single And Music Video, “Three Hearts”

Edel MJ Drops His First Single And Music Video, “Three Hearts”


If you are a fan of Latin pop songs, then you have come to the right place. 

The 21-year-old California-based artist Edel MJ has just dropped “Three Hearts,” marking the beginning of his music journey. The artist has released the song under Higher Living Music label, a professional recording studio located in Southern California. 

It has been less than a month since the release of the song, and “Three Hearts” has already been featured across major media and different social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. 

A quick description of “Three Hearts”. 

The song is sung in Spanish and it is apparent that the artist has put real feeling into the lyrics in which he tells the story of a person who was lied to by a lover. The song has a slow sequential beat that smoothly connects the different sections of the track,  overall resulting in a catchy and trendy soundscape. The musical composition is utilized in an effective way which raises the urge of playing the song on repeat. 

In regards to the imagery, the music video offers a distinguished cinematography and stage design. There are several modern pop art elements incorporated in the video, giving the audience some modern urban vibes, apparent from the use of neon lights and outfits. 

Edel MJ has shared that music has always been his passion, and that his ultimate aim is to use his musical career as a tool to share his personal stories.  

In a nutshell, “Three Hearts” is an original listen to chill out to. 

Less than two weeks upon its release, “Three Hearts” counts more than 60,000 plays on Spotify, and counting!

Stream below: 

You can also watch the music video here: