Dwyane Wade Will Return To Play One Last Season With Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade Will Return To Play One Last Season With Miami Heat


In an emotional and very necessary 10-minute clip, Dwyane Wade announced his intent to return to play for his 16th and final NBA season with the Miami Heat. It was in a video titled “One Last Dance,” that the 36-year old vet led us through the journey that ultimatel led to this decision.

“I’ve always did things my way,” said Wade, “Whether they’ve been good or whether they’ve been bad, I got here because I’ve done things the way that I feel is right for me and right for my family …] I feel it’s right to ask you guys to join me for one last dance, for one last season.

“This is it. I’ve given this game everything that I have, and I’m happy about that, and I’m going to give it for one last season, everything else I have left.”

Wade is slated to sign a $2.4 million, one-year contract later on this week to seal the deal. Through his career, Dwyane Wade averaged 22.5 points per game, becoming the franchise’s all-time leader in points, assists, and steals. While the team had seen its fair share stars come and go with the likes Shaquille O’Neal and Lebron James, Dwyane Wade has always been the most synonymous with the Heat organization even when he spent 1.5 seasons away from South Beach during brief stints with the Bulls and Cavaliers. 

All three his championship rings came with the team and ending his pressional career with the Heat, as he explains in the video, is the only right thing to do.

“Let’s enjoy it,” Wade said. “Let’s have some joy through this last season. Let’s push this young team over the hump and let’s write our own story to the end this career, together. Together.”