Dwight Howard Recalls Hating On Draymond Green: ‘This Dude Is Ass’

Dwight Howard Recalls Hating On Draymond Green: ‘This Dude Is Ass’


Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has made it known that he used to hate Draymond Green’s style of play, but he has grown to appreciate what kind of player he is and what he brings to the table.

In an interview with Shams Charania prior to his return to the Lakers, Howard explained that his ego is ‘dead’ and described how he wants to model his game after the Warriors forward. During his most recent sit down with Shams, Howard once again discussed how he used to think Draymond was trash, but ultimately came to respect his game.

“I hated Draymond. I was like, ‘this dude is ass.’ But, I sat back this year and really watched everything he did, and I was really impressed.

They said he might not be the best shooter, that’s fine he gonna shoot with confidence when he get that shot. He might have a shot, but instead of him shooting it he’s gonna find the best shooter on the team at the right time and make the right play. And I was like, ‘man, I really like that.’ And if you know the game is getting out of hand, he’ll go and take three or four charges. He’ll go try and get all the rebounds, just all the little things he did that might not show up on the stat sheet.”

Howard has reportedly dropped 25 pounds and appears to be in great shape, but it seems as though he’ll be on a short leash even though he has said all the right things since signing with LA. His deal is non-guaranteed and “he’s been warned” that he’ll be “judged by his actions, not words,” according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

In nine games with the Washington Wizards last season, the 33-year old veteran averaged 12.8 points with 9.2 rebounds per game. Prior to that, he appeared in 81 games for the Charlotte Hornets, where he posted 16.6 points, 12.5 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per night. 

He’ll make his debut with the Lakers on October 22, as they take on the Los Angeles Clippers in the second game of TNT’s opening night double header.