Dua Lipa Thinks Her Song 'Physical' Is a 'Bit Like Marmite'

Dua Lipa Thinks Her Song 'Physical' Is a 'Bit Like Marmite'


Dua Lipa‘s finally dropping her highly-anticipated sophomore effort,Future Nostalgia, on Friday (March 27), and just one day before the release, the songstress stopped by Apple Music to chat with Rebecca Judd about her new music.

“I’ve been working on it for two years, but for the first year I was still on the road and I was still trying to figure out exactly where I wanted to go with the record,” she explained of the writing process. “I was in the studio writing and then it was really kind of the last nine months honing it in and just sessions everyday and just trying to finish it up. I’m just so happy with the response.”

Hilariously, she didn’t expect so many people to like the third single, the wildly energetic “Physical,” comparing it to a strongly-flavored, polarizing British spread. “Not because obviously I don’t believe in the song, like I love the song and it’s my baby,” she admitted. “But I also felt like it was a bit like Marmite because it’s so in your face. I didn’t think everybody would be into it.”

And how can she tell if a song is album-ready? “I just like vet the songs and if I can’t see myself performing this at a festival…I imagine what it’d be like if I was to perform them at Glastonbury,” she explains.

Listen to the full interview below.