Drake's "Scorpion" Will Reportedly Feature Unheard Static Major Music

Drake's "Scorpion" Will Reportedly Feature Unheard Static Major Music


We’re two days away from the release Drake’s highly anticipated album, Scorpion. Ever since his feud with Pusha T, Drake’s been laying low and hasn’t been making too much noise in the public eye. At this point, there’s no indication on who will be on the album or much else. However, it seems to be confirmed that Drake’s new album will feature some unreleased music from the late Static Major.

Static Major’s widow hit Instagram today to reveal that Static Major will be featured on Drake’s forthcoming album, Scorpion. She shared a video on Instagram that seemingly indicated that there will be some unheard music from the late singer on the album. However, she further confirmed this in the comment section to a fan if the song is “Juicy.”

“An unreleased, unheard song,” she replied.

Drake's "Scorpion" Will Reportedly Feature Unheard Static Major Music

As pointed out by Complex, she praised Drake in another Instagram post that has since been deleted for showing love to Static.

“This man has never met Static a day in his life yet he shows more love than the people who claim to be his brother,” she wrote. “I will always do my best to keep his legacy alive even if I stand alone.”

If the trailer Avonti Major posted on her Instagram is any indication to what the song will sound like, it seems like it’ll have an R&B vibe to it. Mal from the Joe Budden Podcast revealed today that Drake’s album will indeed be a double disc project which falls in line with speculations made after a Scorpion billboard in Toronto popped up that read, “A Side B Side.”