Drake's "Scorpion" Recieves Updates On Streaming Services

Drake's "Scorpion" Recieves Updates On Streaming Services


While Drake and Kanye West may not be on the best terms at the moment, it seems as though Drake is taking a lesson from Kanye by delivering updates to his latest album, Scorpion.

When Kanye continued to make major changes to his The Life Pablo album after its release, people assumed that streaming albums would become these ever changing works art that artists would always be adjusting. That never really came to pass, but it showed how music streaming can fer artists a second chance to go an make small changes to something that they may not have noticed the first time, or had to leave f due to time constraints.

According to Hip-Hop N More, the changes to Scorpion are very minimal and subtle. Far from a whole new song or verse, instead we’re given new Lil Wayne vocals on “In My Feelings,” which originally sampled Wayne’s “Lollipop.” The mixing on Jay-Z’s verse on “Talk Up” has been improved, which some listeners were complaining about.

Perhaps this was just a last minute adjustment to make sure everything is perfect for Drake’s reign over 2018, or maybe there are even more changes on the way for the album. Fans are already coming in droves to listen to the album, and it’s been reported that Scorpion will be receiving physical copies in the near future. If Drake is going to make any more changes to the project, he better do it soon. To hear the updated songs, delete the album from your song library and re-download it.