Drake’s "Omertà" & "Money In The Grave" Change Labels From Cash Money

Drake’s "Omertà" & "Money In The Grave" Change Labels From Cash Money


Drake has been celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ championship win ever since the moment the final buzzer rang to close out Game Six. The parade came and went in Toronto yesterday with the city turning up together. An astounding number of Canadian fans lined the streets to watch the Raptors (and Drake) celebrate on their parade float, smoking cigars and drinking champagne. To commemorate the historic moment, Drake announced that he would be dropping two brand new songs this weekend in “Omertà” and “Money In The Grave” with Rick Ross. At first, fans were confused why Cash Money was listed as the label copyright in the fine print of both songs but according to HHNM, that has since been corrected to read Frozen Moments instead.

At the beginning of this year, it was rumoured that Drizzy Drake started a new label called Frozen Moments and now, that’s what’s appearing instead of Cash Money on his two new songs. When the new songs were first uploaded, they were marked “2019 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records” as the copyright at the bottom. However, Drake seemingly walked away from Cash Money after launching his own brand this year and many fans were curious as to what was actually going on. Finally, it is now being reported that the copyright has been changed to reflect Drake’s genuine label situation. The copyright now reads Frozen Moments LLC. a partnership with Republic Records instead of Young Money and Cash Money. 

HHNM states that the changes are apparent on both Apple Music and TIDAL but that they are still being processed by Spotify. What do you think of the new singles?