Drake's 'March 14' Was Crafted Prior to Pusha-T's 'The Story of Adidon,' Producers Say

Drake's 'March 14' Was Crafted Prior to Pusha-T's 'The Story of Adidon,' Producers Say


Earlier this week (July 4), Joe Budden offered up his belief that Drake may have played Kanye West and his Wyoming camp the contents of what went on to become what we know as “March 14,” which Pusha-T then used as ammunition against Drizzy on the eviscerating “The Story of Adidon” months later (May 29).

A new interview with the track's producers  Rolling Stone seems to support the theory that “March 14” was recorded prior to “The Story of Adidon.”

“March 14” co-producer, T-Minus, has worked extensively with Drizzy in the past. He indicates that he had heard Drake cut vocals to the beat “about a month ago” but didn't know the ultimate contents of the song. The 30-year-old producer delivered his own speculation to the Scorpion closer's interesting title choice. “I'm assuming [Drake] called the record ‘March 14' 'cause that’s when he did the record,” T-Minus tells Rolling Stone

The track's other producer, Valle, pieced together that the 6 God headed to see Kanye in Wyoming on March 15. The night of March 14, Drizzy hopped on Fortnite to a stream of over 600,000 people, before revealing hours later that he had to leave to “pack for a flight.” Drake's official photographer, Theo Skudra, sparked rumors of the OVO rapper being in Wyoming after posting photos of the mountainous region in March. 

“[March 14] is the day [Drake] played Fortnite, and then he’s like, I gotta go on a plane to Wyoming in a few,” Valle suggested. “It’s also the day he went to Wyoming to see them, Kanye and [his] camp — I wonder if they heard it then?”

The report goes on to include quotes from frequent Kanye West collaborator, Malik Yusef, who was also present during the Wyoming sessions and was familiar with Drake's Wyoming cameo. “There were unresolved issues between him and Pusha that people should have paid attention to. You gotta have your ear on a swivel in this game — in this world period, but in this game. [You gotta know] who works with who, who talks to who, all that.”

Yusef added: “Was it Confucius that said, ‘Often the thing whispered in the ear of your closest friend is heard 100 miles away by your greatest enemy'?”

Streets Talkin has reached out to Pusha-T's reps for comment.