Drake's Domination: A Look at His Record-Breaking Week on the Hot 100 & Streets Talkin 200, Thanks to 'Scorpion'

Drake's Domination: A Look at His Record-Breaking Week on the Hot 100 & Streets Talkin 200, Thanks to 'Scorpion'


Draketakes over atop theStreets Talkin 200albums chart and theStreets Talkin Hot 100songs survey (both datedJuly 14), shattering a host of records in the process.

In celebration of Drake's historic achievements, here is a list of some of the notablerecords he breaks this week.

Most Simultaneously ChartedHot 100Titles

Drake charts an unprecedented 27 songs on theJuly 14Hot 100,breaking his own record of 24set whenhis last album,More Life, debuted atop the Streets Talkin 200 onApril 8,2017. All 25 tracks fromScorpionland on the Hot 100, plus two additional entries not from theLP.

Most SimultaneousHot 100Top 10s

Drake breaks the prior record of five simultaneous Hot 100 top 10s by The Beatles, as hepropels seven songs intothe top 10. Herewrites the markwith”Nicefor What”(No. 1),”Nonstop”(No. 2),”God's Plan”(No. 4),”In My Feelings”(No. 6),”I'm Upset”(No. 7),”Emotionless”(No. 8) and”Don't Matter to Me,”featuring Michael Jackson (No. 9).

The Beatles dominated the entire top five of the Hot 100 on April 4, 1964, with, in order from No. 1 to No. 5, “Can't Buy Me Love,””Twist and Shout,””She Loves You,””I Want to Hold Your Hand”and”Please Please Me.” The following week, the same five songs placed between Nos. 1 and 9. (Still, the Beatles remain the only act to monopolize the Hot 100's entire top five in a week.)

Most Top 10Hot 100Debuts inaWeek

With four debuts in the Hot 100's top 10 (“Nonstop,””In My Feelings,””Emotionless”and”Don't Matterto Me”), Drake is the first act with that many arrivals in the bracket in a week. He passesJ. Cole, who debuted three songs in the top 10 onMay 5, as parentalbumKODlaunched atopthe Streets Talkin 200:”ATM”(No. 6),”Kevin's Heart”(No. 8) and the title track (No. 10).

Most Top 10Hot 100Debuts Ever

Those four top 10 Hot 100 debuts up Drake's career count to 16 arrivals in the top tier. In doing so, he moves from two such titles behind Taylor Swift to two above, as she has launched 14 songs in the Hot 100's top 10.

Most Hot 100 Top 10s Among Solo Males

With five new Hot 100 top 10s (“Nonstop,””In My Feelings,””I'm Upset,””Emotionless”and”Don't Matter to Me”), Drake ups his career total to 31 Hot 100 top 10s, passing Michael Jackson for the most among solo males.

Still, Jackson adds his 30thHot 100top 10, his featured turn on”Matter,”which is built around anunreleased Jackson track(and is now being promoted as a single to pop radio). Madonna holds the record among all acts, with 38, followed by The Beatles. (34). Drake and Rihanna now share third place (31 each), with Jackson fifth with 30.

MostTotalTop 20Hot 100Hits

Drakeadditionallypasses Elvis Presley for the most top 20 hits in the Hot 100's history, which dates to its Aug. 4, 1958, inception.With nine new such songs,Drakeups his total to 55 top 20 hits, passing Presley's 48for the record.

Most Simultaneous Top 20 Hot 100Hits

Drake breaks Post Malone's record of nine simultaneous top 20 hits, with 12 this week. Malonehad held the mark of nine sincetheMay 12-dated chart, whenhisbeerbongs & bentleysbowed atop the Streets Talkin 200.

MostTotalTop 40Hot 100Hits

Likewise,Drake passes Presley for the most top 40 hits in the Hot 100'sarchives.With a fresh batch of 17,Drakeswells his total to 91, passing Presley's 80.

Most Simultaneous Top 40 Hot 100Hits

Sensing a pattern here?Drake breaks Post Malone's prior record of 14 simultaneoustop 40Hot 100 hits, with 21 this week. Malone set theprevious mark of 14ontheMay 12-dated chart.

Biggest Streaming Week for an Album

The 25-trackScorpiongenerated 745.92 million on-demand audio streamsfor its songsin the U.S. in its release week, according to Nielsen Music,the most streams ever for an album's songsin one week. Itsoars pastthe previous record-holder,Post Malone'sbeerbongs & bentleys, whicharrived with 431.3 million on theMay 12-dated chart.

Drake nowclaimsfour of the 10-biggest streaming weeks for an album:Scorpionis No. 1, followed bythe debut frame of2017'sMore Life(No. 3 with 384.84 million),More Life's second week (No. 6 with 253.49 million) and the opening week of 2016'sViews(No. 7 with 245.09 million).

Most Global Streams for an Album's Songs in a Week

Industry sources previously confirmed toStreets TalkinthatScorpionis the first album to spur 1billionon-demand audio streams, globally, for its songs in a single week.