Drake’s Dad Posts Hilarious Meme With Negative COVID-19 Results

Drake’s Dad Posts Hilarious Meme With Negative COVID-19 Results


With the pandemic that has been ravaging the United States as of late, you can never be too careful in terms of keeping yourself safe. People are being told to quarantine and self-isolate from those they don’t have to be around. Drake‘s father, Dennis Graham, has been taking this order quite seriously and has been spending the time by himself. Yesterday, Graham decided to make light of his situation and posted a hilarious meme while claiming that it came from a woman who wanted to quarantine with him.

As you can see in the post below, the test results for COVID-19 are negative although the sexually transmitted diseases all came back positive. Clearly, this is a fake test as no one would get tested for STDs at the same time as the Coronavirus. Regardless, Graham was able to dupe some people with a pretty entertaining joke.

“This girl just asked me if we can quarantine now because she told me she didn’t have the Corona virus 🦠 and sent her test to prove,” Graham quipped.

While the woman in question surely doesn’t exist, the joke certainly put a smile on some people’s faces during these dark times. At least now we know where Drake gets his sense of humor from.