Drake Wants To Drop A Freestyle Using Kawhi Leonard & Joel Embiid Art

Drake Wants To Drop A Freestyle Using Kawhi Leonard & Joel Embiid Art


Once again, the Toronto Raptors have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. For the last few years, it seems like this team always has a good shot of making a Finals appearance but they always happen to get bounced right before. Facing off against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Raptors will have to be on their A-game if they want a chance to compete against Golden State or Portland for the championship. They’ve got to worry about that now and in the near future but last night, it was a major celebration for the Raps and the city of Toronto. After Kawhi Leonard drained a clutch shot to win the game, he posed for a quick photo op and it ended up being iconic — so iconic that Drake wants to use it as cover art.

Posting the incredible image to his Instagram page, Drizzy gave props to the star player on his team, writing, “Weezy for the win.” The upload shows Kawhi Leonard crouching after sinking a buzzer beater with Joel Embiid sadly looking on behind him. When Lou Williams commented about how dope the picture is, Drake came through by joking about recording an incoming freestyle just so he could use it as cover art. “I would do a freestyle just to use this as the art,” he wrote.

So far, we haven’t gotten a freestyle from the 6ix God but as I’m sure many of you would agree, it would be a very welcome sight at this point. It’s nearly been a year since Scorpion was released and new music from Drake is always welcome.