Doja Cat Responds To Accusations She Was On Drugs During Recent IG Live

Doja Cat Responds To Accusations She Was On Drugs During Recent IG Live


On Thursday night (February 20), Doja Cat went on Instagram Live to get some things off her chest. She gave a dramatic monologue about how deserving Nicki Minaj is of praise and success. “She has implanted herself so deeply into all of us and into music, and into rap, and into hip-hop, in such a way that people have underappreciated her and I don’t think that that’s right” she passionately said. While the confessional seemed to be filled with pure emotion, viewers speculated that it stemmed from an impure place. Namely, they believed that Doja Cat was on drugs at the time. 

The hunch that the “Juicy” singer may have dabbled in some cocaine arose because she was acting jittery and unhinged. She also repeatedly played with her nose. However, these rumours can now be tossed in the trash because Doja has taken to Twitter to offer an explanation for her behaviour. 

“Lol people think I do drugs,” she started her defence. “I think I was scared I had boogers but if you guys want to be worried about me doing cocaine that’s fine at least you care. That’s nice of y’all.” She then continued to detail her chronic boogies. “I always have dookie hanging out my nose and I gotta pick it a lot cuz I get sniffles from dressing like a slut all the time. Have you ever seen me in a sweater? No. That’s why I’m digging in my fuckin face.”

However, it wasn’t just the nose-fiddling that had Twitter detectives convinced she did some lines. She also looked a “lil shaky”, as one fan pointed out. Doja replied to that accusation by clarifying how hammered she was that night. “I had to be put on an IV for alcohol poisoning shortly after that. I over drank. That’s why I look fucking terrible.”

Case closed.