Doja Cat Drunkenly Gets Emotional Over Nicki Minaj

Doja Cat Drunkenly Gets Emotional Over Nicki Minaj


Doja Cat is one of the most active celebrities on social media, truly having a feel for different platforms and striving on each one. She’s one of the biggest artists on TikTok with about a handful of her records blowing up over there. She’s also a huge search term on YouTube. As for Instagram and Twitter, that’s where she built her name. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter is currently in one of the most ambitious stages of her career, striking gold with Hot Pink and watching her star rise to new degrees. She recently got in touch with her followers live-stream and, admitting that she was drunk, got a little emotional over how much she wants new music from Nicki Minaj and why she wishes the industry would switch up on her.

Doja Cat Drunkenly Gets Emotional Over Nicki Minaj
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

In recent years, Nicki Minaj hasn’t been getting the respect that she deserves after basically being the only high-profile female rapper in the game for an entire decade. While she has had competition, nobody truly challenged her spot before Cardi B popped up. Doja Cat practically begged the rapper to release some new tunes, threatening to soil herself if she didn’t come through this week.

“She has implanted herself so deeply into all of us and into music, and into rap, and into hip-hop, in such a way that people have underappreciated her and I don’t think that that’s right,” said Doja, who was seemingly on the verge of tears. “I don’t think that that’s natural. I feel like there’s some weird shit going on. I feel like she just belongs in the fucking spotlight. And not in like a weird, corny way. She just belongs…”

Russ, who was watching the live-stream, commented that he agrees before Doja Cat called him out, clowning him for even being present for the video. “Russ, get out of here, get the fuck out of here,” she told him. “Leave and text me, but get out of here.”

Watch the video below.