DL Hughley: Snitches Don’t Get Stitches, They Get Record Deals

DL Hughley: Snitches Don’t Get Stitches, They Get Record Deals


The racketeering case Tekashi 6ix9ine is involved in has left hip hop divided. His fans are hoping that the rapper comes home sooner than later, but there are others who adhere to the law of the streets, not the courts, and believe that snitches aren’t welcome. As the debate as to whether 6ix9ine is just protecting himself and his life or turning over on his friends and associates continues, DJ Vlad had radio host and culture commentator D.L. Hughley sit down for an interview. The pair discussed how things have changed since their days, especially when it comes to what society deems as acceptable.

“It was Michael Cohen, them Nigerian brothers with Jussie Smollett, and Tekashi snitch-nine, 6ix9ine,” Hughley said. “Who snitched the best? It was a little run where [they out-snitched each other]. Those Nigerians told fast…Michael Cohen snitched. Michael Cohen snitched so good I thought he was gon’ tell us who killed Biggie and Tupac,” Hughley joked.

DL Hughley: Snitches Don't Get Stitches, They Get Record Deals
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The comedian was asked whether or not he thinks that 6ix9ine can get out of jail and continue his rap career with this controversy hanging over his head. “I think that it depends on what his base is willing to accept. I think it’s primarily up to his fans.” DJ Vlad then says, “I think his fans don’t give a sh*t,” to which Hughley agreed.

Later Vlad said, “During our day, if someone announced that Rakim did not write any of his rhymes, he had co-writers, we would stop putting him in our top five lists. We’d look at him very different. If we found out that Jay Z had a ghostwriter…Drake was exposed and nobody cared. He continued to get bigger! It almost made him bigger. At the end of the day the rules…there’s no gatekeepers anymore, which I think is a good thing.”

“I think that ultimately, you have to be able to adjust to the norms of society,” Hughley responded. “Or, you can rage against the machine and not be heard. I think it’s futile to pretend or lament the days gone by when they’re just that. They’re finished.” When Vlad mentioned that telling on people is not considered to be taboo, Hughley had to correct him.

“It is in some places now,” he said. In a recent interview with Vlad, Boskoe100 talked about how snitches used to just turn up dead. Hughley added to that saying, “Now you get record deals…snitches don’t get stitches, they get residuals. Snitches don’t get stitches, they get a deal from the prosecution.”