DJ Quik Doesn’t Want Laura Ingraham Fired Until She "Eats Crow" For Nipsey Remarks

DJ Quik Doesn’t Want Laura Ingraham Fired Until She "Eats Crow" For Nipsey Remarks


As you’ll recall, Laura Ingraham mocked Nipsey Hussle in the moments after his death, after incorrectly sourcing YG‘s part on “FDT” in a defense tirade of Donald Trump’s “spotless record in office.” This is the same Fox News pundit who insisted that LeBron James “shut up and dribble” because she didn’t agree with the way he’d gone about politicizing his free speech.

As a result of the remarks she made against Nipsey Hussle, a whole slew of public figures once again called for her head. Justin Bieber called for her termination, as did The Game by speaking on behalf of the greater “we” representing his LA constituents/hip-hoppers. Tory Lanez‘ response on the matter elicited pejorative language. To put it bluntly, no one on this side of the ledger stands for any of Ingraham’s unlearned talking points.

Although DJ Quik is one hundred percent in agreement with the other outspoken members of the hip-hop community, he thinks Laure Ingraham should hold onto her job for one particular reason. In speaking with TMZ in his backyard of Los Angeles, DJ Quik told the field reporter that Ingraham ought to “eat crow” for a couple of weeks instead of losing her job with immediate effect. The reason being: the mass media has the memory of a fish, so it might be best to let her stew in the consequences a little longer until they become etched into our collective consciousness. Makes sense don’t it?

Quik alluded to another major networking whose actions were quickly swept under the rug after being fired over controversial blackface remarks. “Don’t fire her like they did ole girl from NBC,” Quik said in reference to Megyn Kelly, who famously came away with a $30 million settlement package after Fox News forced her exit without taking the proper legal steps.