Diddy Dances With Kids With Cancer On "Ellen"

Diddy Dances With Kids With Cancer On "Ellen"


Diddy has finally fulfilled the kids from Fighting All Monsters’ wishes that he dance with them to his song, “Bad Boy For Life,” after a video of these kids fighting cancer went viral. At the beginning of the year, tons of kids from Fighting All Monsters (FAM), a non-profit organization that strives to fight childhood cancer, took part in a viral video in which they asked Diddy to dance with them to “Bad Boy For Life.” Diddy’s 2001 track, which features Black Rob and Mark Curry, has been an anthem for these brave children ever since FAM was founded by Milk Tyson in December 2018. Tyson has explained that the song’s lyrics and spirit resonate with the kids and their parents because, “every day we meet these health challenges with a determination that says no matter what happens to us, ‘we ain’t goin’ nowhere…we are here for life!'” 

Diddy Dances With Kids With Cancer On "Ellen"Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Diddy responded, exclaiming that he was “so inspired” by the viral video. “These kids are so strong and I’m humbled they’ve found strength in one of my songs,” he wrote. “They are fearless and motivating me like nothing before.? And of course I’ll dance with all of you! Every time I’m feeling my energy shift I get up and dance. Keeps my vibrations high!? I’ll dance with y’all everyday! Never stop believing… and remember WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE!!!!” Now, Diddy finally got the opportunity to dance with them for real, as he surprised eight of the FAM kids on an episode of Ellen that aired on Thursday.

Before she brought Diddy out, Ellen asked the kids, whose names are Layla Mosely, Ke’Yair Stephens, Zoey Nieves, Imani Hollis, Phillip Escalante, Maddie Kelsoe, Will Walker and Baylee Hankins, why they picked his song as their anthem. Will mirrored FAM’s founder’s words, indicating that the song’s lyrics and message about surviving and fighting resonated with them. At first, Ellen told them that Diddy was unfortunately on tour in Miami and couldn’t be there, but then “realized” she “got the dates wrong” and brought him out to surprise them.

Diddy hugged all eight of them before they took their seats, where he thanked them for reaching out. “I was so touched that this song that has helped me get through so many trials and tribulations is fuelling you guys to know the power you have in yourself, to believe that we ain’t going nowhere,” he told them. Ellen then revealed that Shutterfly had donated $25,000 to the Fighting All Monsters organization, before the children finally got their chance to dance with Diddy. The whole thing just might make you shed a tear.